The Greek Plan for Growth & Recovery: Two documents the Ministry of Finance tabled in May and June 2015

During the five months of negotiations that I was involved in, and prior to our government’s cave-in following the 5th July referendum, the press was accusing our government in general and me in particular that “we had no plan for reforming Greece”. When talking to the press, Eurogroup colleagues and troika representatives kept repeating, ad nauseum, that they “did not know what the Greeks were proposing”.

The truth is that they knew perfectly well what we were proposing. And that they never paid any attention to our proposals.

Was that because our proposals were worthless, as they kept “leaking” to the press?

Or was it because our proposals’ substance made it hard for them to admit that the real reason they refused to engage with our sensible, sophisticated proposals was that they only cared about humiliating our government and derailing the negotiations?

I let the readers decide which of the two explanation is more believable.

Yanis Varoufakis

Now that Greece’s Third Memorandum of Understanding has passed (see here for my annotated version), after the SYRIZA government surrendered on 12th July 2015, it is perhaps of interest to compare the ‘Reform Agenda’ in that agreement with the agenda the Ministry of Finance had presented to the institutions on two occasions, in May and June 2015.

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